Ninchat is a cloud based communication service for businesses. It can be used for team communication, customer communication or live group discussions.

March 25, 2014

Chat with us on Facebook

Ninchat channels (chat rooms) & one-on-one chat can now easily be embedded in Facebook.

When accompanied with one-on-one chat, Facebook page allows also new kind of business.

Having a chat wall on your Facebook page can be very useful. Use cases include high demand customer service situations (for example service breaks), public events and product launches. One-on-one chat can be used for sales, counseling and customer problem solving.

Try it out and come chat with us on the Ninchat Facebook page.

Ninchat can also make a beautiful ad campaign. Invite specialists & celebrities to your Facebook page and arrange a special Q&A session suitable to your brand.    

Ask more how Ninchat embedded on your Facebook page can help your business!


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