March 25, 2014

Re-defining customer relationship with Ninchat

Adding real time communication to your site is a powerful tool to engage with your site visitors.  With Ninchat journalist & audience may interact around the content, for example by embedding a multi-channel chat into a News article.

On the left side of the article journalist can discuss the topic together with invited specialists while on the right side of the article readers can engage & participate in the discussion. 

When readers, invited specialists and journalists are together in creating the article they are also re-defining traditional way of making journalism. 

User participation brings up wider & new discussion angels and improves customer relationship by making readers & journalists act as 'partners'.

Example case: YLE News article about the flu / influenza vaccinations in Finland made together with the National Institute for Health and Welfare chief physician participating in the discussion. (In Finnish).

Link to article ( Live article

With Ninchat media customers can improve their visitor relationship, increase spent time-on-site and improve their brand image. Contact us about how Ninchat can be used to enhance your media.


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