June 7, 2022

The need to accelerate the transformation of secure internal consultations is leveling up at an increasing speed. Communication between professionals calls for solutions that provide fluent access to the right know-how at the right time. Remote internal consultations require reliable, secure and flexible solutions to serve patients faster and more accurately. Thus, enabling more efficient peer support, information sharing, and problem-solving capabilities.

Communication and customer flows can be improved by evaluating statistics, data, and records for multiple aspects of the operations. The collected data enables evolution of tailored internal communication models, reporting, and cost efficiency across organization borders. 

With Ninchat, specialist doctors and general practitioners from different areas can consult each other effortlessly remotely. Before entering the chat or video chat with a peer specialist, a Ninchat bot can gather specific information about the case for the consulting part. The information collected in advance will speed up and enhance the work process of the professionals. To maximize the benefits of the consultation, the specialist can also access the patient national id number and thereby see all necessary health information.

Remote solutions enhance the utilization of know-how to a much wider audience.

Ninchat’s Notifier has also proven itself highly useful in on-call solutions. In addition to selected desktop notifications, all on-call members will receive a notification on their mobile devices. Any experts on-duty can then pick up the internal request. Doctors, especially on call during the night, and non-profit organizations use the Ninchat Notifier to accelerate replying to peer support chats and be available to provide support while not being on the desktop computer.

Multiple solutions for secure remote communications 

With Ninchat, you have multiple ways of ensuring secure identification for both the professionals and the customers. Different user groups often have varying needs for identification. When signing in to the Ninchat platform, the professionals can be identified, for example, through the organization's  own AD Azure or with the national ID card for regulated social welfare and healthcare professionals. Customers can either be strongly identified before the remote reception or, if the professional recognizes the need, during the reception.

Improve data and knowledge-driven management and process development

Health organizations are often tied to different patient record systems and multiple IT systems. Professionals from various organizations can be members of the same Ninchat channels and service queues. For example, an internal consultation channel can have members from a specific area of expertise, all from different well-being service counties. Statistics and data will support the needed allocation of expenses, time spent, and the development of solutions.  

At Ninchat, we continuously see health and social service providers implementing solutions that make broad usage and sharing of knowledge, expertise, and specific information securely possible. 

With Ninchat's solutions, it is possible to develop flexible customer flows where the professionals can transfer the customer, digitally during the remote reception, to another specialist. Internal consultation processes can be streamlined further by implementing tailored bots to gather essential preliminary information and perform service direction. As a result, the bot can direct the customer to the right specialist and thereby improve the customer care process efficiency. After the reception, the specialist can also redirect the customer digitally, for example, to a nurse or to customer service. Customer-sensitive information can be hidden from the customer service if applicable. Professionals can also take advantage of the possibility to consult peers internally during the remote reception.

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Ninchat’s solutions are implemented in public and private hospitals and healthcare service organizations to enable secure telehealth, patient and internal consultations, communication, and customer service. Annually already more than 1,5 millions of patients receive digital services with the help of Ninchat’s solutions. The easy-to-use service allows secure external and internal chats, video chats, multi-branched bots, and users have found the alert tool highly useful. 

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