March 31, 2014

Ninchat engaged users in Docventures - the winner of Social Media category in Grand One 2014 competition!

Docventures is a television show and phenomenon in Finland. The show concentrates on difficult subjects like mass production of meat, religion, sexuality and violence. The television show has two parts. A document and an discussion on the studio after the document.

Ninchat was an integral part of the format. It is used by the people who are watching the television show to talk with each other. This gives a possibility to watch the show together with other viewers and also to talk with people who are live in the studio.

Docventures is a forerunner in building new kind of participatory audience engaging television formats online. Format is bringing people to watch the show live on media´s own website instead of watching from traditional TV. This increases user´s time spent on website and provides countless engagement opportunities to media while increases customer loyalty.

And it won.

Docventures won the digital marketing competion Grand One 2014 in social media series! There were a lot of social media channels used and it was a good example how to integrate people into a live tv show. It was even more than a tv show, it come to be a phenomenon which was on everyones lips during fall 2013.


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