February 25, 2015

Grand One competition is the leading annual competition for new successful digital campaigns and products in Finland.

Ninchat was used by our business partners in their competition entries, here are the six Ninchat use cases in the Grand One competition 2015. Ninchat is a flexible communication platform suitable for all forms of customer communication.

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1. VEIKKAUS (Finland's National Lottery)

How Ninchat was used: We got an idea that Ninchat could be embedded inside a web/mobile ad-banner and take it to popular sites. We got together with Veikkaus and TBWA and made a Eurojackpot themed campaign where popular Finnish rap-superstar 'Elastinen' was live chatting about dreams: What are your dreams, what would you do if you won 26M€?.

Ninchat was embedded for 60 minutes in the front page of Iltasanomat.fi, Veikkaus.fi and Basso.fi.

Link to the competition entry: http://www.grandone.fi/tyot/60minbannerissa

2. SLUSH mobile app Live Help Desk by Ninchat

How Ninchat was used: Slush used Ninchat for the event customer communication. Ninchat was embedded inside SLUSH Android, iOS and WP apps, and on the SLUSH website to enable public customer support wall, private 1-1 discussions and live stage feeds. During the 3 conference days over 800 customers were served.

Link to the competition entry: http://www.grandone.fi/tyot/slushapp

More Info about Ninchat & SLUSH: http://blog.ninchat.com/2014/12/slush2014-help-desk-audience-engagement.html

3.  YLE #A2-ILTA

How Ninchat was used: Yle A2-ilta is a national prime time TV-debate show about controversial topics. Ninchat was used in open journalism / public A2-ilta planning live chats between the journalists & audience on the YLE website before the event. Ninchat was also used to engage YLE site visitors during the live show sessions and to crowdsource for ideas against school bullying.

Link to the competition entry: http://www.grandone.fi/tyot/a2ilta

4. OTHER / YLE #Kisahuuto

How Ninchat was used: Ninchat provided live customer engagement during the Olympics. Ninchat was embedded into Kisahuuto's front page.

Link to the competition entry: http://www.grandone.fi/tyot/kisahuuto

5. OTHER / YLE #Kysysuoraan

How Ninchat was used: Ninchat was a core communication element that allowed live discussion in the anti-racism campaign. Ninchat was embedded into Kysysuoraan.net front page. Discussion topics were quite provocative and sensitive, thus Ninchat's flexible anti-troll & moderation features were very valuable while managing the discussion.

Link to the competition entry: http://www.grandone.fi/tyot/kysysuoraan

6. REAKTOR / HELLOWORLDOPEN Coding Competition

How Ninchat was used: Ninchat provided embedded chat into Hello World Open competitor dashboard. Chat was used by the competitors and competition hosts. Ninchat created a feeling of community into the application.

Link to competition entry: http://www.grandone.fi/tyot/helloworldopen

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