December 9, 2014

Slush is the leading startup event in the Nordics that gathered over 14.000 startups and investors for a massive 2 days of all-around activities around entrepreneurship in Helsinki, Finland.  

Ninchat provided Slush 2014 (November 2014, with a turnkey set of communication tools: mobile-app 'help' button, live customer service tools, pitch-feedback channel and live-chat for the webstreams and mobile app. 

Ninchat was used on the Slush website, mobile site and inside Slush mobile apps (iOS, Android, WP).

Slush CTO Markus Järvinen comments, "By using Ninchat our volunteer team was able to react faster and solve problems even before they escalated. Having a help desk on the Slush website and inside our mobile app was very efficient way to serve the event exhibitors and visitors. We are very happy to recommend Ninchat for any cross platform communication need."

Slush volunteer team served 800 customer requests during the event. 300 customer issues were solved already before the main event started on Tuesday.  

Ninchat on the Slush mainpage.

Mobile App helpdesk
Live group chat in the Slush app
Mobile app helpdesk

By adding live-communication tools on site Slush was able to build better customer relationship with the event visitors, react faster and gain valuable real time feedback on the event visitor needs. Over 6000 messages were written by the visitors.

Ninchat statistics
Slush volunteer team served amazing 93% of help requests. About 800 customers were helped during the 3-day event. Already before the first  (Tuesday 9am) event day 300 problems had been solved.

Slush volunteer team training to use Ninchat.

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