December 23, 2020



Whole Finland stopped in the spring 2020 when coronavirus COVID-19 hit the country. It affected
our economy and healthcare the way we have never seen before. Now that the second wave of the virus is underway and vaccine soon to be available, we are better prepared for its consequences. We have taken a huge digital leap as a nation just within nine months. We have switched to remote work and built digital remote appointments.

Digital remote appointments

Digital remote appointment is a doctor’s or nurse’s appointment via an identified video or chat.

Digital remote appointment brings advantages to the customer: it is fast and easy to reach, it is not bound into one place – you can even visit a doctor from your own couch! There are many advantages from the professionals’ point of view, also. The same professional resource can be shared between many different operators because customer appointments can be held via video or chat. If the appointment is cancelled by the customer, the professional can make another customer appointment without having to wait.

In Finland digital remote appointments via identified chat became refundable by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) in the beginning of May 2020. This made wider use of chat possible in public and private sector healthcare services.

Ninchat can help to build a digital remote appointment with secure chat. Video, audio and writing possibilities are available within the chat. It is also possible to put a lightbot into the chat window to guide customers to the information they need. There are different kinds of reports available within the chat to support your business.


COVID-19 has increased the need for counselling services. But at the same time the amount of physical services has been restricted. Chat is a great tool for producing counselling services because customer appointments can be made by a phone or computer. Customers can stay safely at home while getting the service they need.

Ninchat’s chat is secure and easy to use for both, customers and professionals. It is easy for

customers to attend to an appointment at their own turn without physical queueing. For the

professional it is easy to see the customer by chat. If for some reason the appointment gets

cancelled, it is easy for the professional to do something else while there are no customers in the chat.

Sharing the professional’s time between many operators

Sharing the professional’s time between many operators, like hospital units, is cost-effective. It also makes it possible to produce quality services to a larger customer base. Sharing the professional’s time between many operators is possible with Ninchat’s chat. Specialists are often needed in different locations at the same time. As a solution to this, Ninchat offers the Notifier chat alarm system. With Notifier you can easily alarm the specialist in question anywhere. Notifier lets the professional work anywhere because they will get an alarm to their smartphone, and can answer the call from any device. Are you interested in hearing more about easy-to-use and secure chat options?

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