April 13, 2021

The Ninchat Notifier mobile application enables you to receive notifications to your phone when there is someone in the chat. Notifier helps you especially when there are no customers at the time in the chat service. So that you may continue your work uninterrupted. 

What is Ninchat Notifier?

Ninchat Notifier is a mobile application for Ninchat’s chat service. It gives you a notification when there is a customer in the chat. Notifier allows the professional to do other tasks when there are no customers in the chat. This also makes Notifier cost effective.

First you install the Ninchat Notifier mobile application to your phone. Then you sign in with a Ninchat account. Finally, Notifier is ready to use. The Notifier mobile application is available for both iOS and Android so you do not need to buy expensive equipment to use it.

How can Ninchat Notifier help you?

With Ninchat Notifier it is fast and easy to answer a chat request. Notifier alerts you when there is a customer in the chat and you can answer the call immediately. This way the customer or the professional does not have to wait for the chat to start.

With Ninchat Notifier it is possible to answer the chat call almost anywhere. This saves time for the professional who can log into any device to take the call. You can start the chat on your phone or a computer, and switch between the devices during the chat if necessary. 

You can move the customer to another professional or group of professionals within the same chat session, if necessary. The Notifier will send an alert to their phones and the fastest person to answer gets the chat. The customer will get all the service they need within one chat meeting without a long wait.

It is safe to use Notifier because Ninchat’s platform uses a secured connection.

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