May 24, 2021

Chatbot is a great help with appointments and customer service situations. With a chatbot you can improve customers’ experience and guide them to sources of information quickly and easily.

What is a chatbot

A chatbot is an efficient communication tool. It can be used to answer routine questions without the need to speak to a customer service specialist. A chatbot can be helpful in situations where the question asked is simple enough to be answered without interpretation. A chatbot is also helpful in gathering the customer information before starting the chat.

In Ninchat chatbot the frequently asked questions can be brought into the chat window so that they are easily accessible all the time.

You can set questions and answers into the chatbot. The customer can click the chatbot link if she or he notices that the topic they want to know about already exists. This way the customer will get the information they need immediately. If the customer needs further information, they can easily start a chat with the customer service agent. By using the chatbot, the customer service agent can concentrate on more demanding questions and resources are saved. 

In Ninchat chatbot, you use buttons to make choices. This way, using the chatbot is easy and clear also for elderly people and non-native language speakers. The customer does not have to write their question but they can choose their topic from the chatbot buttons.

With chatbot you can easily handle material orders when the customer does not have to fill in long forms. Also making referrals and prescription renewals can be done easily and securely.

Be present 24/7 with chatbot

Ninchat chatbot serves the customers even when you sleep! Chatbot can serve all the customers who come into chat outside opening hours. Being able to get service at any time of the day, and without queueing, improves the customer experience. The professional, on the other hand, can concentrate on the more demanding and time consuming cases that the chatbot cannot answer.

With chatbot you can gather the customer information easily even outside opening hours. When the chat is closed the customer can leave a contact request via chatbot, and the customer service can contact them later. This way your service will reach the customer when it is suitable for them.

How can Ninchat chatbot help you?

With Ninchat chatbot you can easily and securely gather the customer information before the chat starts. Then you have all the needed information already available when the chat starts. With links in chatbot you can direct the customer to the source of information. This way services can be found in one place easily at one glance. When the customer clicks the link they will be directed straight to the ready written information document. Mostly the customer is happy with the information they get, if the topic and answer are simple and clear.

Gathering the background information and offering the FAQ links can affect long queueing times. When everything is ready for the appointment when it starts, there will be more time for the customers issues. And on the other hand, it may be a faster way to help the customer. Offering the FAQ links reduces the waiting time because the customer can get the answer without queueing.
It is also possible to use the secured authentication service with the chatbot. This requires for cities and municipalities to get a permission from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency to use the service.

To start using Ninchat chatbot is an easy, fast and straightforward process. That is executed in collaboration with us. The chatbot is ready to use within two weeks.

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