April 8, 2021

Ninchat video consultation can help you when it is important to understand expressions or movements. Among all options video consultation resembles traditional, physical appointment the most.

What is a Ninchat video consultation?

A video consultation is an appointment where the professional engages with a customer by video. With video consultation it is easier for the professional to make the diagnosis, instead of using a telephone or chat, because they can see the customer. For some customers it may be easier to communicate by video because the appointment resembles a physical, traditional appointment.

A video consultation suits best for the situations in which it is critical to see and understand the other person’s expressions and gestures, nonverbal communication, and movement. Examples of these situations are psychologists’ or physiotherapists’ appointments. A video consultation can also be used in pre-employment health examinations or in different group meetings.

A video consultation is a fast, easy and secure way to organise healthcare services or organisations' counselling services. A customer does not have to leave their home which saves time and may also be a reason for the customer to be able to access the appointment. The benefit of the video consultation is that the professional gets a notification when the customer logs in to the service and is ready for the appointment. If the customer cancels the appointment or does not show up, the professional can continue with their other tasks.

How Ninchat can help you?

Ninchat video consultation is an easy and secure way to organise appointment services. It is also a very fast way to access the appointment – the customer can engage with the professional in seconds in the best cases. An on-call video consultation is superior in speed compared to the traditional appointment service.

Ninchat video consultation makes it possible to share the professional’s time between many operators at the same time. The professional does not have to change their location, but they can engage with the customer in their own office by video connection no matter where the customer is located, or whichever unit has sent them. This saves time and is cost efficient.

On the Ninchat platform you can carry out both scheduled and on-call appointments by chat or video. Video consultations work on all modern web and mobile browsers.  

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