February 22, 2022


Remote therapy is a flexible digital service that allows quick and low-threshold access to care. Typical uses of remote services are short- and long-term types of therapy and various doctor and nurse appointments. With Ninchat, you can arrange your remote consultations easily and securely.

Access your appointments easily and securely

The consultation begins with a link received by email that leads to the strong identification of the customer. Alternatively, the service may also be available on the health care provider's website via sign-in.

Chat and video appointments can be conducted either as scheduled or on-call appointments. It is possible to add pre-information and symptom surveys. In addition to the Suomi.fi (a strong identification service in Finland), it is possible to also use other authentication services in Ninchat’s chat, bot, and video messaging solutions. 

If needed, you can integrate Ninchat into your current appointment scheduling system.

Advantages of remote therapy

Telemedicine benefits especially customers who have a long distance to their nearest consultation. Long distances increase the threshold for seeking help. Reaching the appointment can be time-consuming. It can also become expensive or even impossible due to the lack of transportation. When using remote therapy, the customer does not have to leave their home for the meeting. They can choose to sit comfortably on their sofa and begin the appointment with a computer or a smartphone.

Remote therapy does not require physical presence. The customer can choose the location that suits them best for participating in the appointment. The comfort of your home can increase the sense of security and remove barriers to participation. Remote services also improve the efficiency of the organization. And it is possible to optimize the service to benefit both the customers and the professionals.

Recently Yle, the Finnish media company, published an article (in Finnish) about perceived customer experience with remote therapy services.

When is remote therapy used?

There are many alternatives when and how to use remote solutions for therapy. You can apply it to both short- and long-term therapy, as well as for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Hybrid therapy where face-to-face and remote appointments are combined is also possible. In addition, telemedicine used for follow-up visits is steadily growing.

Different nurse and doctor's appointments are also possible to carry out remotely. For example, occupational health and diabetes appointments have been conducted remotely by several hospital districts and private sector operators.

Offer your remote therapy services easily with Ninchat

Ninchat's chat and video consultation platform enable smooth and secure digital services for customers and professionals. With Ninchat, it is quick and easy to start using your remote therapy service. Your team will receive practical training on using the platform as a professional. After the training, they are ready to open the appointment and receive customers securely online. At Ninchat, we also offer comprehensive and continuous technical support for your remote services.

The valuable work mental health associations provide

Yle lists, in their article, entities that do preventive mental work and help individuals with various mental wellbeing issues. For example, the Sekasin-chat is a popular service for young people aged 12-29 that runs on the Ninchat platform.

Satu Raappana from the Sekasin Collective that operates the highly successful Sekasin-chat recently visited the Ninchat Sessions event. She talked in her presentation about how the work they do, using Ninchat, supports the well-being and resilience of young people. You can find Satu’s interesting interview and presentation (in Finnish) here

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